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Refurbished & Pre-Owned

Samsung refurbished phones are not as high-cost as absolutely new phone models of the same manufacturer, and they do not compromise on quality. Why is this happening? Because certified pre-owned cell phones are devices, which were returned to the manufacturer after they having been purchased. The engineers conducted various tests, eliminated errors in the device operation if some were. 

Buying previously used Samsung phones in the Nelztech store, you do not take any risks. The smartphones of our store are completely checked and refurbished by engineers. This means that with the restoration of the device, all the technical processes were met, the components remained original, and high-quality specialists did all the necessary work. In addition, certified pre-owned models in our store are sold with a one-year warranty as just new models. 

The devices went through a comprehensive update: were eliminated not only problems in the operation of Samsung used cell phones if there were some, but also headphones, a charger and those parts of the gadget, with which the previous owner had a contact, were replaced with new ones. One more pros of our goods is the fact that they are unlocked. You can use any of our gadgets with SIM-cards of any operator you want and do not be afraid of necessity to unlock them. We will free you from such a headache.

If you want to purchase an excellent model of Samsung phone and save money at the same time, then the offer of Nelztech store is exactly for you. Not only the range of phones is pleasant in this store, but also fast shipping. Due to this, you can rather soon start using the phone you ordered and boast to your friends with your resourcefulness: you bought such a cool device and even saved money. Each product has a description, photos, customer’s feedback, and price. You can add every device to a comparison list to see all characteristics clearly. The Nelztech store thinks about your convenience and we do our best to make the shopping here enjoyable.