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The flatbed scanners are a great way to keep intact old photographs, create an electronic format of some important documents without having them on the PC. In a word, the scanners are useful things and are now indispensable in many offices and homes. In the Nelztech store, you will find a large selection of this equipment.

  • Scan easily. 

Scan an image and any document you need at home without extra efforts with our affordable high-quality scanners. They guarantee high scanning resolution; provide clear well-readable texts and photos. 

  • Scan quickly. 

Home and office scanner presented here work at high speed. It will always allow you to save your documents and photos without spending too much time. Working with such a scanner, you can always quickly complete the tasks and start a new one.

  • Scan different formats. 

Also, you can scan not only the usual text documents, but also movies. In this section, you will find film scanners - products designed specifically for this purpose. Film negative or positive scanning is possible now.

  • Scan stylishly. 

These compact and stylish scanners do not take up much space and look perfect in any interior. You can easily scan any type of documents, including books. At the same time, with the improved cover design, the scanner looks modern and discreet.

  • Get accessories for scanners. 

We have not only scanners, but also the accessories to them. Check scanner cleaning card will help you keep your device clean. If you notice black inclusions on the scanned material, do not rush to carry the scanner to repair. It is not broken, it is dirty. In this case, use these cleaning cards. Reduce the chance of jams caused by normal wear and increase the scanner life with the scanner roller kit. Through the convenient installation, you can quickly get back to work. In case of a paper jam in the printer, in the case of roller contamination and loss of its elasticity - the feed roller needs replacement. Shop here for the item. Fast shipping will allow you to quickly make all the necessary actions and continue working with the device. 

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