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We represent Apple refurbished iPhones. Many people when they see an iPhone with the inscription "refurbished" begin to ask fair questions: What does it mean? How and by whom was the repair carried out? What is in the package? Where such devices come from? Why are they cheaper? How much does it make sense to buy such a smartphone? We not only offer you to buy refurbished iPhones in the Nelztech store at reduced prices, but also we clarify the situation.

In this section, there are iPhones of the 6th line: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. These smartphones were sold but for some reasons later were returned to Apple's official service or to the Apple Store. These devices passed all the tests, they were repaired, if necessary, and then went back on sale. 

Such smartphones have undergone the procedure of replacing:

-  the case,  

-  the package, which includes new headphones,

-  a device for extracting a SIM card,  

-  USB cable,  

-  battery,  

-  and even display glass.  

The point of the refurbishing procedure is to replace all the details that came into contact with the previous user. 

Purchasing pre owned iPhones in the Nelztech store, you get a quality gadget with all the new accessories. The only thing that distinguishes these devices is the box in which they are sold for the second time: it is white, and it also has the inscription "Apple Certified Pre-Owned", which means that the device is refurbished. 

Such a purchase is the choice of a practical person. These smartphones have everything you need: an excellent design that has become a classic, a high-quality camera, a reliable operating system, a good battery life, good sound quality. One more advantage of the phones of our store is that they are unlocked, so you can use a SIM card of any operator. All the products presented here are equipped with photos and description because Nelztech store thinks about its customers and does everything to make shopping easy, convenient and enjoyable.

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