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Printer Paper

Canon printer paper is an expendable material that is necessary for printing various documents, as well as photographs. Its quality directly affects the quality and look of printed documents, as well as the operational life of home or office printers. If one needs to print documents and the printer paper is out, this section in the Nelztech store will help you to solve this problem. We offer a range of excellent Canon economy bond paper for various printing machines. It can be divided into several types:

  •  First of all, it is worth paying attention to Canon multipurpose paper. It is perfect for all types of printing. Such a paper can be utilized with all types either of office or of home equipment as laser, inkjet printers, and copy machines.
  • There is also photographic paper. Such paper becomes a real lifesaver for those who like to capture important moments in the photo, beautiful landscapes or friends, and relatives’ cheerful faces. Unlike plain paper, photo paper for different canon printer is multi-layered. For its producing, a special coating is applied to its working surface, which absorbs and retains the ink better and prevents their spreading. Such paper has several types of coatings:

- glossy.

The images on these paper are resistant to bright light.

- matt.

The matte photo paper surface gives a high contrast and increased whiteness, it is ideal for snapshots, which later will be laminated or hidden in a frame under the glass. In addition, it is better than others for printing the big amount of text because it will help you to reduce tension on the eyes.

- semi-gloss.

A less bright semi-glossy paper provides a small gloss. It is ideal for frequent use and demonstration of photographs because fingerprints of people watching it do not remain on it.

- The photographic paper also includes canvas photo paper, which is also available in the Nelztech store. Its advantage is in following: it is ideal for printing big images that will adorn the walls. Photos on such paper do not lose their brightness and always look just printed.

- Laser photo paper has the optimum stiffness and thickness necessary for high-quality printing.

  • We also carry a range of rolls photo paper. It provides the convenience of printing any materials in a wide format quickly and, most important, conveniently.

Banner paper rolls are mainly used in engineering industries, and in industries related to the design, internal design of outlets. It is perfect for printing diagrams and drawings, layouts and graphics, advertising booklets and even large-format banners.

The paper presented in the Nelztech store passes manufacturer’s quality control and has the optimum properties for working with Canon devices.

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