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Automatic Document Feeders

Printers and other equipment, created to provide us with comfortable working conditions and easy life in general, has firmly entered our everyday lives. Can we now imagine an office or a home without these habitual things? Quite often, we resort to the help of these devices and do not even think how much they make the work process easier. However, as soon as this technique breaks down, we realize its importance. What should one does if a paper jam occurs all the time or if the paper feeder does not grab paper at all? The solution is simple – to replace this detail with a new one. In this case, the Nelztech store offers its assistance in selecting an automatic document feeder and other accessories for printing equipment.

In this section, you will find a large selection of accessories for both office printers and home printers. Replacing these accessories allows you to save a significant amount of money because it is much easier to purchase a paper feeder if it is faulty than buying an entirely new printing device. If this item does not work properly, then the paper feed becomes impossible, and this completely interrupts the workflow and makes it impossible to use the printer. Using a good feeder, you can load paper into the device and do other things while the device is doing its duties.

Here you can also find a high-quality printer paper tray that will meet all your requirements. It is a very important design element of printers, which not only provides the supply of paper to the printer, but also protects the sheets from dust and direct sunlight. In the range of the Nelztech store, there are models with different holding capacity: from a paper cassette with an average number of 500 sheets to large cassettes, designed for 1500 sheets. The rear and side paper guides can be adjusted for different formats. Also in the cassettes, there is a sensor for the presence of paper, which determines whether there is a paper in the tray. All these and many other accessories by trusted and reliable manufacturers you can purchase here.

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