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Printer Cables & Batteries

Canon and other lithium ion battery is small but important detail. When and where can it come in handy? Sometimes we need to print documents when we are away from home or office, and portable printers have been created for such purposes. Their assignment is to provide the ability to print on paper when you are on the road. There is also a range of mini printers specifically designed for printing photos. However, when using this technique, you may face an unpleasant surprise - a dead battery. In order not to get into such a situation and not to look for a replacement battery at the most inopportune moment, the Nelztech store offers you to purchase additional accessories, namely a printer battery. This detail can be stored at home as a spare or can be installed in the printer immediately after purchase.

We offer rechargeable lithium ion battery and many other accessories, which have a number of undeniable advantages: increased service life with small size, low weight, as well as high energy density. These batteries take a high charging current, so this process will take less time and will be more effective. Replacing the battery with a new one, you can again enjoy the incredible capabilities of portable printers and feel the lack of attachment to one specific place. Using this item, you are able to print in places where you do not have access to power supplies. If you need an SCSI cable for the printing equipment you have, you can also find it in our store. We offer 50 pin and another SCSI cable. Shop for the best in the Nelztech store.

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