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Multifunction color laser printers are widely spread among modern users. However, do they suit your needs? Such an equipment is designed in various technological types, depending on the purpose of using these devices by customers. For every purpose, a specific model is used. And we present all of them. But it is easy to get confused in the wide range of existing models. Here you can not only purchase them, but also get acquainted with their specifics, know the difference between ink jet and laser printers, and based on the materials provided, choose in the Nelztech store the ideal one for you. 

  • Multi-function device includes functions of several separate devices: scanner, copier, and printer. The advantages of using such a device are obvious and undeniable. It saves space in comparison with the mentioned devices. It will be convenient for home users and for performing office tasks.
  • Also, we offer color laser printers. They perfectly cope with materials of different types and perform their functions quickly. Such printers are a great option for those who like to print high-grade photos. A device will be an excellent and useful equipment. In addition, if you pay more attention to photos, then the Nelztech store has one more offer for you.
  • Photo printers are ideal for printing photos and other images, as they were created specifically for these aims. The purchase of such a printer here will be useful both for small photo studios and for home use. Now you do not need to go to special salons to print a cherished photo to memory - you are able to cope with this task yourself.
  • Speaking of printers, we cannot fail to mention monochrome laser printers. These devices differ from color ones only by the availability of only one ink - black. In all other aspects, they are equal. So, they will be a nice decision for those, who mostly need to print text documents, graphics, and tables. The functionality is laconic, but of an unbeatable quality.
  • The large format inkjet printer comes into play when the speech comes to large companies. If you work in the field of creating advertising or own an architectural company, it is a very important equipment. They will be a universal assistant for interior designers, professional photographers, architects, and engineers.
  • Ink jet vs laser printer. The first one uses inks in cartridges, installed inside. The second one uses toners instead of inks. The first one works at medium speed, but it is compensated with quality. The second one is created and developed mostly for work in the office, where high speed of printing is necessary. 

Knowing all the information, now you can easily make an order, in accordance with your aims, needs, and requirements. 

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