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Screen Protectors for Cell Phones and Tablets

If you are interested in how to protect your smartphone or tablet screen from damage, the Nelztech store has an answer. The screen protectors we offer are suitable for Samsung tablets and other devices, so that the gadgets surfaces remain smooth as long as possible, free from scratches, cracks, chips, and scuffs. Unfortunately, such defects can often occur for seemingly trivial reasons: accidental shocks, jolts, falling on a hard surface, wearing the phone in one pocket with coins and keys, or transporting the tablet without a cover. The purchase of a glass screen protector will prevent the appearance of such unpleasant things and will be your reliable assistant.

The safety glasses presented here provide reliable protection due to the five-layer structure.

  • the silicone base fixes the glass on the display;
  • the restraining layer does not allow the broken screen to crumble into fragments;
  • anti-glare layer prevents the screen from fading under bright light;
  • the protective layer is responsible for the absence of damage on the screen;
  • the oleophobic coating prevents the appearance of greasy spots and prints on the screen, and also repels moisture and makes cleaning the screen easier.

Taking into account this structure, besides the protective function, the main advantage of buying smartphone and tablet screen protectors becomes evident - in case of hits or other negative effects on the glass, it will break up itself, but will allow the screen to survive. Undoubtedly, this is the key factor for the decision to purchase this product. You can do this in our store, where screen protectors for phones and for tablets are waiting for you. We offer protection for cell phones that can be easily installed without spending much time and energy to this process. The range also includes protective bumpers by various manufacturers as I-Blason and others. Tablet protective bumpers allow the screen and back panel to be protected from scratches when the phone lies on a table or any other surface. Since the bumper leaves a gap between the back panel and the table, the speaker will not stall during an incoming call. As you can see, the bumper also has its strong points, but what to choose is up to you. In any case, the Nelztech store will provide you with products that can meet all your requirements.

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