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Panasonic Laptops

Each Panasonic Laptop is positioned as a trustworthy device of exemplary design and working capacity. For users, it is important that they are functionally complete. In the range of the Nelztech store, you can find special Panasonic semi-rugged and fully-rugged laptops.

The laptops, which are resistant to falls, water, dirt, snow, fierce cold, and scorching sun called “industrial laptops” or tough rugged laptops for special spheres of application. They can be useful for road services, in production sphere, in construction, in the military, in medical, fire, emergency services, for fans of extreme rest and in many other spheres of use. In general, everywhere, where the laptop will work in conditions not suitable for a conventional laptop.

We offer you a large lineup of Panasonic Toughbook laptops, which includes all the favorite models:

  • Toughbook C2 with rotating touchscreen. This is the lightest 12.5" transformable device. It has specifications that optimize high-performance operation on the go. You can replace the battery even in on mode and work without interruption. The case made ofmagnesium alloy and perfectly protected. 
  • Toughbook CF-53 with the handle for carrying, due to which it can be transported without a special bag, just like a briefcase. This device has undergone a variety of testing. The keyboard is protected from spills of liquid and its lightweight design reduces the laptop overall weight. The case is made of magnesium alloy with the use of dampers. The case sides are reinforced with stiffeners, which protect the screen from squeezing. All connectors are sealed with sealed plugs. 
  • Toughbook  CF-54 is designed specifically for the automotive industry, including diagnostic, repair and maintenance services for vehicles. It is the thinnest and lightest device among the rugged laptops. Its main advantages are productivity, low power consumption, modular system and many additional features, due to which users can configure a device that fully meets their requirements. Magnesium alloy casing, waterproof screen and keyboard, lid with a rigid frame provide it with protection from external influences. For convenient transportation, a special handle is built into the case.
  • Toughbook CF-31 with the durable case and protection class IP65. It works perfectly in adverse conditions and copes well with rain, blows, falls, and severe weather conditions. In such circumstances, the operation of this laptop does not go beyond the normal conditions.
  • Toughbook CF-19 combines excellent performance and security. A compact and lightweight, this protected device constructed for use in harsh field conditions. It is a 2 in 1 detachable laptop, which can be transformed into a tablet. It withstands hits, vibration, moisture, dust and is able to work in various weather conditions.
  • Toughbook CF-20 is ideal for customers who are forced to spend much time in extreme conditions. This laptop will become a full-fledged working tool, allowing you to work without any problems in any conditions, as well as away from the power source. 

You can get acquainted with the Panasonic laptops with detachable screen and other ragged models and choose the best option in the Nelztech store.

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