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Samsung Enterprise SSDs

If you do not know which Samsung enterprise SSD will be a right choice, we recommend studying the models presented in the Nelztech store. SSD is a memory device in which there are no moving mechanical elements. It uses memory chips for information storage. In other words, SSD-disk is the same as a large flash drive. You can add fast Samsung solid state drives to a regular hard drive so that there is enough space for programs and data. Also, the SSD can be used alone, since it provides enough disk space for the basic configuration.

Portable SSD has a high speed of data exchange. Minor heat and low power consumption make it ideal for laptops. SSDs are used as basic, or additional data drives.

SSD enterprise storage has several advantages:

  • Noiselessness. Due to the lack of moving elements, the SSD does not make any sounds during operation.
  • Shake resistance. Of course, if there is a hit to the case, there may be a breakdown of the contact between the components, but the drive hidden inside the laptop or any other device is sufficiently protected from such a damage.
  • Low power consumption. SSD is up to 10 times more economical, which is especially important for thin laptops.
  • High read/write speed.
  • Stable operating speed. The delay in reading is a millionth of a second and does not significantly affect the performance in general.

First of all, the purchase of the solid state drive will definitely increase the comfort in working with your device and extend its battery life. High work speed will positively affect the time of OS loading, opening documents and games. Energy-efficient technology will allow you to achieve more work time from one charge; the absence of high-voltage in the supply circuits minimizes the risk of a non-returnable failure of the drive in the case of its breakdown. 

Check each model to see a detailed description, photos, customers’ feedback and price for each product. We carry a range of drives with different memory capacity for any purpose you have.

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