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The Nelztech store offers a wide range of computer processors for every taste and need. When choosing this item, to begin with, it is essential to decide for what purposes the PC will be used. If only for work and small entertainments – light games, movies, music, surfing on the Internet, then everything is simple - you can use an inexpensive modern chip. If you are doing serious work that requires a powerful balanced computer, then it is a little more difficult. However, our store will help to facilitate the choosing process. Here you can find any Intel Xeon processor you want. They have the following advantages:

  • Multi-core
  • High clock speed
  • Ability to use ESS memory
  • Ability to install more than one processor
  • High-speed bus
  • Increased cache

You can appreciate the increased performance and advanced capabilities of Intel Xeon e5 processors, which are achieved through a software-defined infrastructure and adaptive cloud architecture. The processors, developed for the design of next-generation data centers, provides versatility for a variety of workloads in the data center or in the cloud.

Also, here you will find special workstation processors. Since the server is a system that constantly operates with large data streams, the load sometimes can reach enormous sizes. In this case, simple solutions for home use will not work. The Nelztech store carries special server processors. They are able to solve several typical for this area tasks:

  • Management of large amounts of data
  • Ability to work with several different tasks simultaneously
  • Stability in continuous operation mode
  • Resistance to errors and failures

Choosing a CPU is not an easy task. There are many parameters to consider: simultaneous use of resources, the frequency of circulation, the density of requests, the total amount of data, and much more. However, if you approach the matter carefully, you can always find the optimal solution, which is to buy Intel Xeon processor in the Nelztech store. Intel Xeon prices are indicated in the description of each product.

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