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Computer Keyboards

Any keyboard for computer is one of the main peripherals, and according to this, the choice of this device is treated with special attention and it is better to purchase it only in trusted stores, which is the Nelztech store.

Here you will find a wide choice of both usual ergonomic keypads and many other models that are suitable for office work, for home use or even for use in extreme conditions! The latter includes the Panasonic Toughbook keyboard, featuring strength, reliability, safety and the ability to provide a smooth working process, regardless of ambient conditions and temperature. The rugged keyboard is the key to successful workflow. With such a device, nothing can stop you.

What else do we offer?

  • Keyboards with touchpads. Leave in the past many separate devices and switch to new opportunities of the modern world. With it, you no longer need to have several different devices; now everything you need is put together and represents a convenient union of two independent computer parts.
  • Bluetooth keyboards. Their advantage, first, is the absence of wires. They are relevant if you need to create an original and stylish workplace. They have a minimalistic design and perfectly fit into any interior, not yielding in quality, performance, and convenience. A Samsung wireless keyboard can have a connection with any computer or mobile device, which is also one of its advantages. Freedom of movement is nearer than you think.
  • Keyboard dock stations. These devices, created to provide comfort in work, are very useful. The most important feature is its weight. The laptop weighs about one and a half kilograms, while the tablet with such a keyboard is only a kilogram. Such a solution will be excellent for business people who constantly carry the tablet with them and need the convenience of a laptop. Indeed, it is much more convenient to work in a text editor by typing characters with the keys, rather than the touch panel that half closes the screen. 
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