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Camera Batteries and Power Accessories

If you have tied your life with photography not only in a professional way, but also as an amateur photographer, then probably you have faced the problem of choosing original manufacturers products for your Canon cameras. The Nelztech store gives you the opportunity to purchase here various photo camera accessories such as a cable for Canon cameras and other, intended for camera charging.

One of the most important items presented in this section is a battery grip. Just imagine: you are in the desert, where you have been for several days waiting for a good snapshot. And at the moment when the only existing unicorn pokes its proud face out of its iridescent nest, it turns out that your battery is dead. Honestly, it can happen to anyone. But do not let this happen to you. Buy our battery grips, which will prolong your shooting, and allows you to recharge from a standard AA battery if necessary. However, it is not just about the charge - this accessory will help you keep your camera still when shooting in portrait orientation. Also, for camera additional recharging, pay attention to the Canon AC power adapter. A sad situation, when the camera battery power is rapidly moving to the zero mark. Do not be sad, because we took care of your shooting duration. This compact power adapter is conveniently attached to the camera and serves as an additional power source when the main charge is insufficient. This product for Canon cameras is advantageous to use:

  • While long subject shootings
  • While video shooting (it especially consumes a lot of energy)
  • For a camera in a photo studio 

Available here camera battery chargers are also capable of solving the issue of charging, and external battery packs are designed to charge autonomously different cameras, too, so that you can always be independent of the battery charge level. In our store, there is a wide range of products not only for charging cameras; we also offer cameras cables for various needs. Here you will find products designed to transfer photos and video from the camera to computers and to connect the camera to a TV and other compatible devices. This task will be perfectly handled by audio/video cables for camera, which will allow you to view the taken photographs on compatible devices. Do not limit your creative impulses and enjoy each shot, and the rest care will be taken by the Nelztech store. Make a few clicks to make an order, and you will receive items within the next several business days to start working as soon as possible.

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