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Binding Machines

Binding machines are devices, the main purpose of which is to bind documents quickly and securely. The so-called predecessors of modern appliance are considered to be staplers, with which the sheets were combined into a single document. However, the documents thus fastened could not boast with presentable appearance. In addition, viewing them was also not very convenient. The appearance of a paper binding machine solved the problem, and the device gained wide popularity. If you decide to buy one, you need to get acquainted with its main types. So, there are 4 types exist:

  • for binding to a plastic spring

These devices are unpretentiousness in operation and give the opportunity to use expendables for several times. In addition, from this document, you can get and also add there the necessary number of sheets.

  • for binding to a metal spring

Their main excellence is the presentable appearance of the document and the ability to combine a large number of sheets.

  • combined models

They are able to work with both metal and plastic springs, which makes them versatile and very popular.

  • thermal binders

Thermal binding machine how it works? It works rather fast and is characterized by high quality of the finished document and its aesthetic appearance. The most popular model is Helios 60 thermal binding machine and it can be purchased here.

Whatever binder you prefer, take a moment to get acquainted with the wide range of the products in the Nelztech store. We have high-end devices by the most famous manufacturers - Fellowes and others. Before purchasing, pay attention to the following criteria: 

  • the number of sheets perforated in one approach
  • the depth of holes adjusting function
  • the material of the casing (plastic, metal, combined devices).

This easy-to-use equipment will perfectly handle the binding of such documents as accounting reports, shipping invoices, contracts and archival papers, in a word, everything that needs to be stored properly. Check the catalog to see a description and price for each machine.

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    • Ideal for large offices - features 1-step, worry-free thermal binding
    • Binds up to 600 sheets in one step
    • 1-3 minutes thermal binding cycle with 4-minute heat-up time
    • Auto document thickness detector selects thermal binding settings for the user
    • HeatShield safety barrier prevents accidental contact with the heating plate
    • LED control panel ensures advanced thermal binding machine is user-friendly
    • Audio/visual indicators signal when machine is ready or job is complete
    • Auto shut-off safety feature prevents overheating
    • Folds flat for storage
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