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I was so happy and pleased with the entire experience. From here on, I will buy all my refurbished smartphones from Nelztech & highly recommend Nelztech to anyone!

Alisha (Miami, FL) , May 10, 2020

"Shopping could not be any better than shopping on"

Travis , Aug 24, 2019

So lucky to have found Nelztech. I appreciate having a place to go for Factory unlocked cell phones at a bargain.

Vicki (Phoenix, AZ) , Mar 26, 2019

"They have such amazing deals! Their customer service, is truly remarkable! I will be using this store, quite often"

Ralph (Pittsburgh, PA) , Jan 28, 2018

"For superior service, terrific prices, fast shipping, and fantastic products, try Nelztech"

Hollie , Jan 27, 2018

Found exactly what I needed at a very great price. The iPhone X arrived in a very timely manner and I am a very satisfied customer.

Rosa (Mt. Lebanon) , Jan 27, 2018

"If you're looking for a great deal, Nelztech is the place to shop. And it's worth browsing too, because you never know what deals you'll find on Factory Unlocked Smartphones & more."

Michael (Pittsburgh, PA) , Jan 19, 2018

Fast shipping from Nelztech! Great, unlocked, iPhone 8 Plus and at a very reasonable price. Phone has incredible battery life, functionality, and unique design. Very happy!

Eduardo , Dec 31, 2017

I purchased the Samsung S8 to replace my S4 and I am totally satisfied. I love the long battery life. The width of the phone is just the right size for me to hold and position my finger directly on the scanner. When it came to storage, I thought it would be bulky in my pants pocket, but it is not. The length seems to make it easier to retrieve from my front pants pocket. The screen, graphics, audio are excellent. I have been using this phone for a few days now and so far no flaws.

Bob , Dec 22, 2017

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Soooo glad I found you guys. I was freaking out about my Galaxy dying on me right before I was to go on vacation. Took it to a local shop and they said it was time to replace it. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to talk with me and getting my new phone out to me so quick. You’re a LIFE SAVER!!!!!!! Thanks for the good deal.

Arthur Chileshe , Feb 8, 2017

Thanks again Nelztech! Keep your prices low and I'll keep coming back. This is my 3rd buy from you guys and I am sure you will see me again when I buy my Tablet. Thanks Again!

Mary , Feb 6, 2017

Love this site ... I just got my Studio G today and I love it! I really didn't think I was going to get it so quick ... I just ordered 2 days ago. Will tell my friends and family to come here ... Thanxx for spending sooo much time on the phone with me to help me decide ... You guys Rock!

Carly McDonald , Jan 1, 2017

Thank You Nelztech. You guys are great!! My screen and battery arrived yesterday and I have my phone working again.

CJ Miller , Dec 24, 2016